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Grand Central, NYC 1929Its not possible anymore to take such photograph, as the buildings outside block the sun rays.

i took this in verona the morning after the arctic monkeys concert and everything was silent and still and i remember thinking that i would have given anything for the world to stay this way 

If you have no passion or drive for any kind of academia DO NOT TALK TO ME EVER

One of the most sinister things about normalized racism is you don’t have to have bad intentions to be racist, you just have to remain ignorant.
- Why Some of Your Favorite People Are Racist | AmericaWakieWakie (via america-wakiewakie)


Sandra Cisneros, “Little Miracles, Kept Promises”

Same-sex. Interracial. Queer. The world isn’t always a safe place for us, but I love you more than I fear the world. 

I love you more than I fear the world. That’s just fucking beautiful.

A man in a stars-and-stripes t-shirt picks up burning tear gas canister, hurls it back at the militarized riot cops who just shot it at him, and all the while he never puts down his bag of chips.
This photograph captures the purest essence of America I’ve ever seen.
I hope everyone under siege in St. Louis finds safety tonight.
Fuck the police.

Paris Henry Roy
You are so brave and quiet I forget you are suffering.
- Ernest Hemingway (via aurelle)

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